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When you build full-scale IT platforms for enterprises to enable them scale their businesses making use of digital technologies, you develop expertise in workflows of IT systems, along with their internal workings, including commercial transactions.


A developer cannot afford to be just a coder. He or she needs to develop an overall personality desired in an industrial setup. A developer needs to be a great listener, problem solver, a great communicator and a team player.

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Why should we prefer to write Async Code always
Author: Anant Kumar
This article mentions major advantages of async programming and its need in modern day applications development.

Internet of Things (IoT) - Basics
Author: Anant Kumar
This article discusses the basics of Internet of Things (IoT) with few examples of use-cases, devices and protocols used.

Develop Your Proficiency
Author: Surinder P Kumar
This article discusses about the proficiency that an individual particularly a developer / leader needs to possess.

Developing Responsive Applications using ASP.NET MVC Architecture
Author: Arun Verma
This Article describes the simplest methods and techniques for Developing Responsive Applications using ASP.NET MVC Architecture. You may please refer to various aspects of development with respect to technical architecture, techno-commercial approach along with coding.

Implementing Column level Encryption in database using C# in ASP.NET MVC
Author: Surinder P Kumar
This article discusses a simple encryption and decryption methods using C# in APS.NET. The information may further be stored in database.