A software developer is a person of hope....and confidence...Always!! He or she is the greatest asset any software organisation can have. This person is up-to-date always, and provides solutions to the problems. Being a problem solver, remains in demand!!

When you start working as a junior programmer, probably within a team, you start getting exposure to real-life programming environment, get to know each and every aspect related to the software development. During the course, you develop multiple skills that ultimately develop your personality into being a seasoned developer. You are a logical thinker, confident, team player, and a problem solver.

You have great listening skills. When someone is speaking about the problem at hand, you are quite attentive, your brain works quickly to provide multiple approaches to have solution in-place, at the earliest.
In computing, many a times, the user herself, is not fully aware of the actual problem(s) being faced, or s/he is not able to explain the problems fully. This is where, you as a developer make out, try to put the things in proper perpective and reach out at a stage where problem gets documented. Once the problem itself gets understood and documented, there exists great chances of getting the solution right away.

The most general characteristics of a good deveper are:

  • Great Thinker & Problem Solver: You always see problems with respect to their all possible and immediate solutions.
  • Confident & Determined: You are confident that every problem has solutions. You strive to get the most out of possibilities.
  • Fast Reader & Up-to-date: You are an avid reader. You spare enough time to get updates on the newer technologies, methodologies, design patterns, frameworks etc., and think their possible applications in order to bring about great solutions.
  • Team Player, Cool-headed: You listen to people, your team mates, seniors and juniors with attentive mind, and get the best out of discussion.
  • Good Time Manager: You know that most critical asset in projects is time. You make best use of working time.
  • Competitive & Creative: You are creative and competitive. When you apply your learnings, you create things; you see what others are creating and strive to create even more bueatiful logics, components and solutions.

In general, personality cannot be defined as a single thing, but it includes external beauty, internal beauty and virtues.
We can say the Overall Personality = External Personality + Internal Personality

In the similar manner, Attractive Personality = Beauty of individual's external appearance + Beauty of Internal Virtues.

The external beauty of an individual includes - his physical built and beauty, features, physical movements, attire, style of having talk etc.
The internal virtue of an individual includes those attributes due to which his/her trueself is reflected that enhances power to attract people around him/her like individual's character, behaviour, attitude , way of looking at events etc..
These internal qualities adds glory to the personality around the developer. A developer/leader can scale the peaks of success only because of his/her internal qualities.

In other words, making an individual successful, external beauty has around 20 percent role whereas internal beauty has 80 percent. If any single element is missing from both the beauties, it does not make any meaning at all. At first any other person you come across may be impressed by your external beauty but as soon as he/she learns about your negative internal virtues your influence on him will fade away soon. On the other hand a person might not be impressed by your external beauty at first but as soon as your positive internal virtues are revealed to him/her you will leave a permanent good impression that will never fade away.

Software Architectural Skills

A software developer completes himself or herself when s/he develops great skills on software architecture. The architecture drives the entire solution including almost all stages of software development. The architecture includes requirements specification, layouts of components at various levels, coding stanfards, quality tests, integration and final deployment scenarios.

A software developer combined with skills like architecture, team management, communication skills etc, is a great skillset to have, and it ultimately acts as ingredient for playing higher level roles in any organisation.

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