As an experienced developer, when you rise up your career ladder, you ultimately end-up with having a great techno-commercial profile. After having developed multiple mid-size, large enterprise applications, you develop expertise in the workflow of various commercial systems and by virtue of that, you always get an upper hand vis-e-vis a novice.
Techno-commercial profile is always desirable by any orgaization. You know how technical systems are designed, developed, and you know how they work in a typical business environment.

A techno-commercial interaction takes place among persons and organisations that are involved in the trade, production and consumption of commercial goods and services.

Exchanges typically involve financial assets and must comply with the institutions (including regulations) prevailing in the traders' countries.

As a technical person, just read a headline for a typical senior level technical job description: -

"The right candidate will possess a strong technical background with knowledge of digital/online marketing, will have demonstrated experience leading medium to large projects, and will have a well-rounded technical background in current web technologies.

You must be able to thrive and succeed in an entrepreneurial environment, and not be hindered by ambiguity or competing priorities. This means you are able to develop and drive high-level strategic initiatives, you can also roll up your sleeves, dig in and get the job done.

You will anticipate bottlenecks, provide escalation management, anticipate and make tradeoffs, and balance the business needs versus technical constraints.

An ability to take large, complex projects and break them down into manageable pieces, develop functional specifications, then deliver them in a successful and timely manner is expected.
Maturity, high judgment, negotiation skills, ability to influence, analytical talent and leadership are essential to succeed in this role."

How do you reach at such a level? This is with your continual experience that you gain while developing commercial systems, understanding their internal functional knowledge, data-flow, data analytics, business constraints, advantages, dis-advantages etc.

A good coder becomes a good developer when s/he gains commercial knowledge of the systems. Typical examples of few common systems are: -

  • Financial Accounting Management System
  • Inventory Control Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Education System Management System
  • Computer Numerical Control Machine System

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