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This article discusses about the talent that everyone of us has been gifted with, and that is unique. What is needed is to celebrate the talent with enjoyment as it covers major part of our life time.
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Celebrate Life Celebrate The Talent That You Have

Author: Anant Kumar
Category: Self-Development
Section: Self Development
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Submitted On: 9/4/2017
Published On: 9/4/2017
ABSTRACT: This article discusses about the talent that everyone of us has been gifted with, and that is unique. What is needed is to celebrate the talent with enjoyment as it covers major part of our life time.

Life is short and it definitely needs to be celebrated. Now the question arises how to do it? The answer is, we need to use our Talent that God has given us to achieve desired happiness. Some of us use thier talent to achieve happiness, and some don't, because probably many of us are not sufficiently aware that the gifts of life we have, are to be traded for other necessary talents.

Everyone of us has been given some or the other talent. If we talk of the computer professionals for instance, they are given logical thinking skills which is a unique talent, being applied to achieve great programming results, and building great enterprise applications and automations. This keeps them extremely busy within their tight delivery schedules.

The irony is time waits for none, and you have to keep your life dreams alive while keeping busy in schedules. In the run, the best way is to celebrate the talent that you have been gifted with. See how an artist looks at life's beauty through visuals, musician through the sound, the writer through the words or paragraphs, the chef through the curry delights, the economist through the statistics, the believer through the faith, the thinker through the concepts and thoughts and so and so forth.
In a similar manner, a technical person like a developer, needs to celebrate the programming skills and the output that s/he produces on the way. The professional need to be more focused and concentrate on developing and enhancing the skills so that more productivity could be achieved.
When you think that you are putting your skills to a good use, you are ultimately contributing to the progress, uplifting society, touch and change the hearts of people, it gives you an elevated feeling, and prompts you to work more towards that direction.

It gives you immense pleasure when you feel that your talent is actually uplifting the standards of life in one way or the other.

In harmony with others

We remember the musical performances by which we were transported to another world. An orchestra is the coordination of many talents, with performers playing different instruments in harmony with each other. Each one of these performers enjoy the entire performance. In a similar manner, the developer enjoys each project and the ultimate result(s) of automation. The programming world is so exciting that each day you meet with new challenge and you work towards resolving the problem. It makes the entire journey an exciting one and it gives you no chances of getting bored of your work. You work with other team members in harmony to produce a product. It creates a unique feeling of being an important part of a bigger system.

Your unique talent is your life

You have been given a unique talent and it has become an integral part of your life. It is actually your life as it covers major part of your life span. You are responsible for its enhancement, its betterment so that it becomes useful to society upliftment. And in the journey, you enjoy a lot. Keep learning so that new skills are being added always. As they say "Happiness is in the journey, not in the destination!" In general, whatever talent has been given to you, you need to be focused and good at relevant skills, so that you are valued and given preference to others as a problem solver. Once you achieve this stage, enjoyment is sure to be there!

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Celebrate Life Celebrate The Talent That You Have

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