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Time management is vital to overall professional and personal development of any person. This article discusses the importance of time management along with details on how to execute the technique.
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Importance of Time Management

Author: Suresh Kr Chaudhary
Category: Self-Development
Section: Self Development
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Submitted On: 7/12/2017
Published On: 7/20/2017
ABSTRACT: Time management is vital to overall professional and personal development of any person. This article discusses the importance of time management along with details on how to execute the technique.
Time Management is practically the ability to organize and plan the time spent on various activities in a given period of time span. Increased productivity, efficiency and timely deliverables are some of the great results that we can achieve with good time management. From the developer point of view, time management is a key aspect of project management and it involves skills such as planning, setting deliverable items with prioritization of tasks for a better performance.

Time is the most precious thing in life, and that's why they say "The greatest gift that you can give someone is your time, your attention".

In order to be productive and prove to be an important asset for the company that you work with, it is vital that you manage the time effectively.

As a developer, or as a manager, you should ask few questions to yourself, and assess your situation with regard to utilization of your time: -

  • Do you feel you have less time often?
  • Do you experience pressure of work?
  • Do you mostly experience a state of stress within yourself?
  • Do you often face problems while taking decisions?
  • Do you forget to do essential tasks on time?

If answer to most of the above mentioned questions is yes, it indicates that you need to work aggressively to manage your time properly.
Every one of us has to skilfully manage our time to meet our responsibilities at all levels, as our life is multi-dimensional. It is necessary to maintain mutual coordination and balance among all the aspects of life to achieve success and satisfaction.
If you allow your time to be wasted knowingly or un-knowingly, you will not be able to complete your important tasks within time. This can lead to non-delivery or late delivery of deliverables there causing dissatisfaction, turbulence, and failure.

Time Management is a magic formula which when used effectively, makes all your solutions powerful and successful, thereby making you a great personality, needed by everyone.
Time Management is a control of yourself by yourself. It is the vital element and formula for self discipline and self management.

Define goals
If you want to manage your time in a proper manner, and want to be successful in life, you must decide for some major goals in your life. This would ultimately lead to an internal motivation within yourself to manage time so as to complete the task within the stipulated time. Your hidden talents will be invoked automatically and unleashed, you will develop the capabilities to fight the adverse and difficult circumstances and will acquire courage and perseverance to complete your tasks within time and thereby helping you achieve major goals.

If life is not organised, tasks would delay every time and you will find yourself in a situation where duties and responsibilities are looking like a heavy burden. It is therefore, for leading an organised life and be successful in professional world, it is important to decide the priorities of your personal and professional life. This can be easily done by reviewing your present tasks, duties, expectations, desires etc in a diary. Divide them in categories like Most Important, Important, Good-to-Have etc. The most important tasks can be given the priority in execution.

Go through this list, and review from time to time. After sometime you will find that you are feeling light in terms of doing your tasks and fulfilling your responsibilities.

We need to remember that each and every moment in your life is precious, so, don't waste it.
It is important to remember that when priorities of your life are clearly known, you can easily know how to plan time for activities basis their importance. The decisions for completing tasks becomes easy for you depending on the priorities set by yourself. You start reducing the time wasted on doing worthless tasks.

Execution: How do we actually implement time management techniques. The basic thing that you need to focus on first is that you set goal(s). Once you have set goals, that act as recipe for action. And action plays the magic. The next thing is patience and perseverance. All this does not happen in a single day. We have to be patient and keep on analysing and practicing time management techniques. We need to remain alert towards ourselves as well as by introspecting and controlling our self.

By doing this we will be able to achieve all our goals, execute plans, tasks on time, and be a successful person.

Developers and leaders with time management skills are generally self-disciplined, and exhibit a high level of proficiency. And as such they are always in demand in the industry. Time management is an essential skill for senior developers, leads and project managers. By managing their own time, they actually manage time for their teams, and ultimately boost work efficiency for the entire company.

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Importance of Time Management

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